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George and Scubakreta need your help

Sunday 18th of August 2019

With unparalleled generosity, George has always sought to help those in need.


As a volunteer member of the Heraklion Rescue Team, as he was resting at home for his week on Sunday, August 18, George received a call from the Heraklion Port Police to help a family. ; a father and his son had been swept away from the beach they were swimming at by rip currents into the sea and were unable to swim back.


The father and son nearly drowned after swimming in extremely dangerous conditions.


Boarding his boat to lead the rescue, George set sail. Facing the terrible weather between winds, waves and currents, George managed to locate and approach the father. While trying to turn his boat to avoid running over the father, two huge waves completely turned the boat over.

A passionate sailor since childhood, this boat was absolutely everything for George. Even though he has a sailing experience of more than 40 years in every type of weather, the two second he took his eyes off the waves to locate the victim were enough for the immense power of the sea to turn the boat upside down.

Today it is not only his most precious belonging that has been destroyed, it is also his main work tool; and the main work tool of the Scubakreta Diving Center team.

The engine, the electronics, the diving equipment that was inside, the seats, the GPS; all is lost.

Right now, August 18th, for George and for us at the diving center, it's the heart of the high season. Our activity, our season is now compromised. Not having the means to finance the bulk of the repairs, we launch a call today to help George who did not hesitate for a second to help those who needed it, risking more than just his boat.

A fund was launched on this website to finance the repair of the George's Scubakreta boat.

We invite you, dear customers, dear friends to make your contribution to help George; and we thank you in advance from the bottom of our heart. Any amount/contribution is very much appreciated.

Fortunate for us we still have our second boat operational that is able to accommodate our normal dives in the Hersonissos bay area for any certified divers looking for some diving. Nonetheless our broken boat is a vital part of our Diving Center. 

The Scubakreta Diving Center team


Thank God no one was ''seriously'' injured in this incident.

In addition to putting themselves in danger, these swimmers endangered those who went to their rescue.


That same day, 7 other incidents involving irresponsible swimmers were to be deplored on the same beach and the nearby beaches.

Watch out for the sea and its strength, respect the safety rules and do not go swimming in bad weather.

The incident on the greek television / News of Sunday 18th of August 2019

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